when u get into something and finally catch up and see all the sad fan art


why isnt it more socially acceptable to just scream and scream and scream and scream and never stop screaming

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MammmallMammatus Clouds - Dalhart, Texas | (Kelly DeLay)

Anonymous wrote: So no college for you then? You're going home?

aha, no, it’s not like that. for people in my situation, work study is basically a way to have a guaranteed job to get spending money, since my family can’t give me money or anything. i’ll be able to do the forms tomorrow. it’s just frustrating when people don’t communicate.

and anyway, i couldn’t really leave now, they already have my money.

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contemporary art 

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now i’m just frustrated and i don’t want to do anything

i’ve been emailing the employment center for literally weeks asking if i could get onto work study, since i think i qualify since i’m on so much financial aid, and they never said anything until this morning when i was informed that 1. i’m already on work study, 2. there was a mandatory meeting for work study kids early this morning that i missed, and 3. i was supposed to bring like 80 tax forms to that and i..cool. thank you. for informing me about that. after it all happened. i have no idea what the hell to do now.


Hybridas Morte: Artifact from Tomb Of Forgotten Reliquaries: Genus Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, sellinite,himalayan sea salt, quartz, marble powder, resin


Here are some baby hyenas for you to enjoy