'good thing i'm done with everything. time to get some well-earned sleep.' i say as i start up pathologic

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i draw 900x more when i’m just sitting here with a piece of paper, and also when i get fucked up about video games

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TRACK: Science/Visions
ALBUM: The Bones Of What You Believe

science and visions
be near when i call your name
or ask me a question

two pages an hour hahaha man, I wish I had your level of dedication
will i actually have the work ethic to follow through with this? sources say no
viridian-sun wrote: headcanon for klara AND klara ouo

yes i love the klaras. the klara unit.

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turns out this paper is shorter than i thought so all i need to do is write two pages an hour and with a little 5 hour energy i’ll be fine

still please yell at me if you see me not working

thief-of-nope wrote: If you still don't mind doing Pathologic headcanons, do Julia

i love

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shiningthroughthegrey wrote: Ooh ooh pathologic headcanons... Eve?

(you should do these too!)

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Amato by Furne One 2013